You are afraid of rigorous exercise and diet stipulations and also hate to live with that bulge on your tummy; here are some natural ways to burn fat faster. Read more at Just incorporate the following habits in your daily life.

1.Drink more water as nothing but water can keep your whole system toxin free and can keep you fresh, physically active and hydrated for the whole day. Drink at least 8-10 full glass of water everyday.
2.Break your three large meals into 5-6 small meals so that your metabolism increases. Increase in meals will not let your stomach go empty thereby you will not feel hungry but ensure that the quantity of 5-6 meals is not more than that of 3 meals. Another reason for consuming smaller meals is that our body cannot metabolize hefty meals so it quickly turns the extra into fat.
3.Go for a morning walk every day and if possible take brisk walk in the evening as well. Prefer walking if you have to go somewhere nearby. The more you walk the more you will burn fat naturally without being tired.
4.Stay active all day; involve yourself in more physical activities like playing with your kids, helping in the house works. Involve yourself into some relaxing, light exercise while you are watching television or listening to music.
5.If you enjoy swimming, jogging, biking, trekking or even dancing…choose an activity and take out some time for that during any time of the day.
6.One thing you must avoid if you wish to burn calorie fast; Alcohol. Alcohol is rich in sugar and carbohydrate and it acts as an inhibitor in fat burning process.
7.Prefer fresh fruit and salads as an alternative to fast foods or chocolates while you are out. Include more fruits and veggies in your daily food chart.
8.Drink green tea at least once daily as it regulates fat metabolism in the body.
9.Eat before you start to starve. That way you will be able to help your metabolism and you will eat less.
10.Give yourself a treat, whenever you find that you are putting in too much effort in the process of losing weight. Take one scoop of your favorite ice cream or half of a cookie or whatever you love to eat once in a while to avoid those cravings.

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